After School Matters

Partnership with FCB Chicago

After School Matters® is a non-profit organization that provides life-changing after-school and summer program opportunities to nearly 19,000 Chicago high school teens each year.

The Ask: A creative campaign to advertise advertising as a career to Chicago Public School 14-18 years old students.

The Strategic Idea: The career for non-conformists.

The Big Idea: Embrace your weird.

Make Weird Work.

~ Spec work ~


The eccentric and creative ones always find a way to turn convention on its head.  We’d like to give these people a chance to do so, and prompt them to be a little weird.

Instagram Challenge

Through sponsored instagram stories, After School Matters will prompt people to weird-ify and draw on images of everyday objects for a chance for their design to become real.

People could then vote on the best ones inside of the ASM instagram highlights and see their designs come to life in the city for real!