Mall Fatigue is a thing, and there’s no better cure than carbo-loading at Auntie Anne’s.

It is no secret that malls today are dying.  With the convience of online shopping, people go to the mall when

there is no other choice. Of course, Auntie Anne’s has always been a staple of any mall but with the bad

reputation malls have we strive to make Auntie Anne’s the one true oasis in a place of annoyance.  


Mall directories will show people the obstacles that lie ahead,

and make sure they know where the closest refuge is.

Headline-driven posters will be placed near the worst parts of the mall.

They will direct disgruntled mall-goers to our safe place.


We’ll partner with Postmates on the busiest days at the mall

to bring pretzels to people who need them most.


Most stores don’t allow food, but there are tired people in there who need to recover.

So, we’ll make pretzel bags that look like shopping bags.

Copywriter: Caroline Stamy