Walmart- Back to College 2020

The FCB Chicago Summer 2020 intern teams were tasked with creating a campaign for Walmart. 

The  Ask: Make Walmart the Tech destination for the 2020 back to college season.

The Solution: Transfer the College lifestyle online.

Walmart already embodies the “College vibe” and provides everything from snacks to tech to recreate the college lifestyle.

Save Money, College Better.

Winner of the Inturn-It-Out Judges Award
Winner of the Inturn-It-Out People’s Choice Award

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Customizable College Bundles

Walmart already has bundles, however they never cross categories. These new bundles are college inspired, combining the tech needed to have the experience, along with other needs like snacks, games, and assets to enhance the experience.

Students can personalize their bundle with a checklist of different items, both academic and non-academic.

Sponsored Facebook Group Event

Walmart will partner with The Zoom Memes for Self Quaranteens Facebook group and host parties with them.

This is a platform where college students are taking being social online into their own hands. They’ve transfered the college experience online by holding trivia nights, friend matching, mentor-mentee matching, and more.

Gif of a real party from this amazing group.